Warts an' All
Only given to a few close friends!

Early in 2005 I sang at the Ampthill Folk Club and the whole evening was recorded on a cassette tape as a souvenir for me. Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks later, a jiffy bag popped through my letterbox containing a CD with my picture on it! My best friend had cleaned up the sound and had created a very professional looking CD for me. He'd called it "Warts an' All". Well, you could have knocked me down with a featherN

Warts an All photograph

A quote from Breezy
23rd February 2005 - written for Warts an' All

'Twas on one Summer evening, June 1999
In a pub garden 'neath the late sunshine
The songs, they were wafting from within the bar
A woman came and leant where the door it was ajar
And as the song it ended she did begin to sing
Her voice captivating all those gathered there within
And as she finished singing to rapturous applause
She modestly retired, back to the big outdoors.
Inspired, I immediately enquired of her name
And boldly then I asked her of where and whence she came
For I was truly moved and sought to hear some more
And invited her to join me at a session I held next door

Hilary became a resident at our folk clubs in St Albans and also featured as a main guest. She's a popular and well-known personality on the folk festival and local club scenes. Her ability to communicate her infectious enthusiasm for singing is contagious. She's one of the more talented, yet unassuming, singers around.

1 After the Goldrush Neil Young
2 Lord Franklin Trad
3 Beachcomber Simon Cowe
4 Young Banker Trad
5 Memory George Papavgeris
6 The Dutchman Michael Smith accompanied by John Breeze
7 Caledonia Dougie MacLean accompanied by John Breeze
8 No Telling Linda Thompson accompanied by John Breeze
9 Port Mahon Trad
10 Last of the Great Whales Andy Barnes
11 Mary Mack Trad
12 Weaver's Four Daughters Spurlock
13 Thaney Karine Polwart accompanied by George Papavgeris
14 Anyway My Guru Said G. Taylor & H. Murphy
15 The Rain is Falling George Papavgeris accompanied by George Papavgeris

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