A Toe in the Water

Not for sale but for passing on from one lover of singing to another.

Having taped both my sets at the Banbury Canalside Folk Festival and the St Albans Windward Folk Club during 2005, a more concerted effort was made to produce this CD which I've called "A Toe in the Water" with my tongue quite firmly in my cheek. Although the sound quality has been cleaned up, the songs and atmosphere still reflect the live performances with coughs and foot-tapping all included. As far as I'm concerned it's the songs that really count and I hope that listening to them gives you as much pleasure as it does me.

A Toe in the Water photograph

1 The Ranter Trad - arr. Chris Foster
2 The Dutchman Michael Smith accompanied by Mike Peach
3 Weaver and the Factory Maid Trad - arr. Steeleye Span
4 The Journey Mick Ryan
5 Caledonia Dougie MacLean accompanied by John Breeze
6 Where Ravens Feed Graeme Miles
7 The Green Man Walks the Forest Graeme Miles
8 Withered and Died Richard Thompson accompanied by Mike Peach
9 Thaney Karine Polwart
10 Follow the Heron Karine Polwart
11 Weaver's Four Daughters Spurlock accompanied by Mike Peach
12 Sisters of Mercy Leonard Cohen
13 Mary Mack Trad
14 The Rain is Falling George Papavgeris accompanied by John Breeze

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