If you have problems loading the Sound Bits on this page, it may be that you need to download a free program called 'Quicktime' from Apple which can be downloaded here. It works for me anyway! The sounds are all in MP3 format.

Here are some clips from Herga Folk Club when I sang there in 2010:

Hunting Witches - by Maureen McGuinness

Orcadian Dream - by Sara Daniels

Thaney - by Karine Polwart

The Battlefield Tree - by Lucy Burrows

The Snows they Melt the Soonest - attributed to Thomas Doubleday

And here's my attempt at Jenny Greenteeth by Nicole Murray

Here are some clips from my two CDs

The Dutchman by Michael Smith is so hard to sing without crying!

Try a taste of Follow the Heron written by Karine Polwart

Try a chorus of Mary Mack!

Where Ravens Feed by Graeme Miles, one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard!

Last updated 11/10/2020