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I cannot imagine life without song!

Every day I wake with a song in my head, sometimes one I actually know and occasionally one I don't particularly like. I am constantly amazed by the vast amount of talent and variety of songs that I hear wherever I go. I just wish I had more time (and memory) to learn songs quicker as there are so many wonderful Songwriters in the Folk world.

The songs I love tell stories and my favourites deal with subjects close to my heart such as the joy of nature, the love of one's friends and family, the folly of war, losing one's memory and lost traditions. My repertoire includes a variety of traditional and chorus songs in addition to songs from contemporary artists with subjects ranging from the sad to the hilarious. I usually sing unaccompanied although occasionally another talented friend will accompany me if circumstances allow.

Since life has become 'easier' following the pandemic, I'm concentrating on enjoying Festivals, Clubs, singarounds, sessions, concerts and (of course) learning new songs for my 'song-bag'.

Sue Harris and I have started singing together as Harris 'n Hils which is a wonderful experience for us both. Sue is an excellent Song-writer with a fabulous mellow voice, an instinct for harmonies and she also plays a 12 string guitar!

Share the songs and be ready to laugh or shed a tear. Have some tissues handy anyway, just in case.....


Next Gigs:

Bobbing Barn (Private weekend) (Harris 'n Hils) 18th May 2024

West Somerset Folk Festival (meet Harris 'n Hils) 21st-23rd June 2024

Boars Bridge Festival 28th-30th June 2024

Tanners Away weekend (Private Party) July 2024

Should you wish to, you can contact me at: hils'at'hilaryward.co.uk

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Always under development (with a little help from my friends), keep watching this space!

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